Sunday November 27, 2016 was the saddest day for me. My little Maltese, Sparkles had to be put to sleep due to his suffering from kidney failure. He was just shy of 10 years old. It was fate that made my path cross with Patrick & Sabine’s and I will be forever thankful. Meeting them and getting to know them convinced me that they would take care of my little one when his time came and that is exactly how it was. They comforted me and I felt I was able to let go, knowing Sparkles would be treated with the same care and dignity that I would have treated him with.
Sparkles is back home now in his comfy basket where he spent many hours either curled up dreaming or stretched out on his back just chilling.
I cannot express the gratitude I have towards Patrick & Sabine, not only for their kindness and excellent, professional service but also for recommending Dr. Carmen who came to our home and helped Sparkles move on.

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