I recently lost my best friend and closest companion, my beautiful and loyal sheltie named Simba. It was a very painful day and I felt lost and alone. In an instant he was gone and I was left holding him . Prior to his passing I had searched for somewhere to take Simba, since I knew that his time here was coming to an end. The internet led me to Resting Paws . An actual pet cemetery located in a beautiful country setting with manicured grounds and tall rustling trees surrounded by tranquil peace and quiet. I immediately knew this was where Simba belonged. I had found him a final resting place in a setting I knew he would have loved. Now I know his paws are truly at rest. A place I can visit whenever I want to let him know how much I love and miss him.  In a time of trying emotions, Sabine and Patrick were very supportive and understanding , giving me the space I needed to grieve for my friend. A difficult day was transformed into a beautiful memory of my beloved Simba being properly laid to rest. For their kindness and empathy Lise and I will be forever grateful.

Thank You Sabine and Patrick, for everything….

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