1998 – 2006
Tabbs joined our family after being rescued from the SPCA at approximately 2 years old. Who can resist the love of a big cat? As with all cats Tabbs was a character. He was voice full in the daytime and full of affection at night. We were fortunate enough to have him for 8 years before he had to be put to rest. Although Tabbs took exception to travel, he came with us to Africa for 4 years (KLM took exceptionally good care of him during his flight). He returned to the frigid cold of Canada in 2005 and had to be put down in 2006. The good times and laughter we had with him will remain with us the rest of our lives. He actually has the honor of being the first cat placed in the Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Virtual Cemetery. He was part of the inspiration for starting up our business.

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