It has taken me a while to write about my experience with Resting Paws just because I am still grieving the loss of my fur baby. On November 24th 2017, my life changed when I learned that Prada had passed away. I couldn’t believe it and it was so surreal. I did not deal with Prada’s death too well but thank God I had Patrick from resting Paws to help me out.
He was very delicate and courteous on the phone, I asked him to please help me with Prada and less than 1hour he was there to pick her little body. He comforted me and I felt somewhat better. He picked her up and gently put her in a basket that he brought and respectfully took her with him. Prada was cremated the following day early morning in Woodlawn. Patrick really made this process bearable and a little bit easier to understand, with his kind words he put me at ease. Patrick is a professional who understands the grieving process and how to help your fur baby cross the rainbow bridge. Prada was placed in a little-engraved box with a certificate of her cremation and a card from Patrick and Sabine (which made me cry when I saw it). My mom also got me a necklace with her little ashes, I always think of her (good and bad moments) but I am glad to know that in death, she was respected and cared for with lots of love. THANK YOU PATRICK!!!!!

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