Pet Cremation Demystified.  Part 1 of 9

By Patrick Couture
Director of Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.
Woodlawn, ON.

For many people it is very difficult to think about the eventual passing of their pet. While attending the Ottawa Pet Expo 2013, my wife and I noticed a variety of reactions when people passed in front of our table. Some glanced quickly but did not want to really stop and have a chat. They slowly turned around when they were at a comfortable distance and made sure they could read our name on the banner.  Others cried remembering a recent loss and wanted to share their stories. Then there were the prepared ones’ ecstatic and relieved that finally Ottawa had its own place to put beloved friends to rest.

After this experience I felt compelled to demystify the process on this forum to ensure our potential clients are aware of their options.  Prior to setting up our cremation business I personally conducted two working visits to crematories in the US and in Ontario. The pros and cons on the operations of these establishments gave me a clear understanding of what we wanted to offer our clients. My wife and partner worked in the healthcare field all her life. She spent twenty + years in two retirement homes. She knows too well the emotional toll associated with any loss of life.

There is a misconception from people that recently used cremation services that their pet was cremated in Ottawa. Did you know, that since 2008 when Ye Old Shep closed its doors, all pets from Ottawa travel great distances to be cremated? (some up to 6 hours one way).  Finally, we have our own crematory (a.k.a. retort) in Ottawa. I feel people should be educated about their options.

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Picture 1: Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium site 3395 Torbolton Ridge Rd. Woodlawn ON.

Now that you know that you have an option in Ottawa we will go through the process of how we do things and what is acceptable by industry standards. This will hopefully assist you in asking the proper questions when you require this service in the future. You need to know that a picture is worth 1000 words so I will place some more graphic pictures of the process, none of which will be objectionable.

“Ignorance is only blissful until the issue that you have ignored jumps up from the sidewalk and bites you in the derriere” David Roppo

In the next post I will discuss the basics of cremation.

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